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Jennifer Anne Tucker received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Penn State University. Jennifer has been a practicing herbalist and flower essence practitioner for over twenty-five years. She is a guest teacher and presenter in the community.


Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, received MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)

    1972 -75, Photography, Film, and Film History

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, received BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

    1970-71, Photography

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 1968-69, Photography with Jerome Liebling

Minneapolis School of Art and Design, 1963-65, Foundations in the Fine Arts


1970-1996Self-education: Herbalism, Wild Foods, and Ethnobotany.  Apprenticed with Evelyn

                                     Snook, herbalist - Bill Russell, herbalist and research physicist - Keith Wilson,


1984-1995Herbal Education: Co-instructed and assisted in Herbal Seminars with Evelyn Snook,

                                      throughout Pennsylvania.

1996- 2002Attended weekend conferences for herbalists at Green Nations.

2001- 2002Studied with herbalist Matthew Wood. Certificate of Completion.

2004Weekend Intensive Training for Practitioners of Flower Essence Remedies with

                                      David Dalton founder of Delta Gardens

1996 Authored and self-published book on Evelyn Snook’s life and herbal knowledge titled

                                     Evelyn's Way Pouticing with Plants/Colon Care.

2006Authored herbal articles in March/April and May/June issues of Passages (Newsletter of

                                     the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture)

1983-1985T.E.A.M. Touch, Trained with Linda Tellington-Jones in 7 day workshops. Holistic

                                    bodywork training on horses and animals. Evolved out of Feldenchrist re-patterning

                                    the nervous system after trauma. I used this training service on horses for 10 years;

                                    gave Pony Club workshops in the techniques; use for my own horses, dogs and cats.


1995-1997 The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Michael Harner, founder. I attended weekend   

                                     workshops as a student to further my knowledge of ancient healing practices.

2001-2003Shaman Yearly Weekend Workshops with Larry Peters.

1992-1995Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO - Directors Assistant for James

                                    Baker on 10 day photography field trips. 

1992-1996Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO - Co-Assisted artists/

                                    photographers-- Polly Schaafsma and Linda Connor, Bill Eisley, Lucy Lippard, and

                                    Heidi Redd.

1990Women Photograph Women, Second Street Gallery; Charlottesville, VA, Invited Artist

                                     and Speaker.

1985-2006       Private counseling services in Holistic Arts I am the owner/herbalist of Hillcrystal

                                     Natural Spirit, custom herbals and flower essences, professional counseling and

                                     private instruction for herbal healthcare.

1996-1997LIFE SPECTRUMS, Elizabethtown, PA, Annual National Conference one week

                                     conference. I taught a daily seminar on herbal and flower essence use.

1997Peace Elder, International Tribal Wolf Song herbal gathering, invitation from Mary

                                     Thunder. (Unable to attend)

1997-2003Herbal Studies Program Director and Teacher, Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health,

                                     State College, PA,. The Institute is a holistic learning center with Pennsylvania

                                     Department of Education Approved Programs.

2003-PresentIntroduction to Flower Essences for Massage Therapists, Mt. Nittany Institute of

                                    Natural Health, State College, PA.

2002-Present           Holistic Health Program, Yearly field trip at HillCrystal Farn, Mt. Nittany Institute of

                                    Natural Health, State College, PA.

2005SPRING HERBAL SERIES: A 3-part course on the basics of plant identification field

                                     work, demonstrations, and lecture. At Hillcrystal Natural Spirit Farm, Spring Mills, PA.

                                     with guest teacher Will Wise

1988Photography Instructor, Department of Art, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA

1980 Juror:  WOMEN IN THE ARTS, the photography exhibit, William Penn Museum,

                                     Harrisburg, PA

1968-1987Fashion Catalog Production Manager: Energy Manufacturing Company, St. Paul,


2009-                       Flower Essences For Energy Bodywork Program, Mt. Nittany Institute of

                                    Natural Health, State College, PA.


1992-2001Ritenour Health Services, Pennsylvania State University (CEU  credits for nurses and


                                Professional Women’s Conference, Pennsylvania State University, Presentation

                                     Menopause Naturally.

PASA, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture Annual National

    Conference. Invited speaker on Medicinal and Endangered Herbs.

2004PASA, Presentation Herbal Medicinals: WEEDS? Think Again!

2003-2006The Medieval Garden on Penn State’s University Park campus. Schreyer Honors

                                    College summer students, 2 years as guest lecturer. Department of Horticulture

                                    Conference Medieval Gardens and Plants July 8, 2006 for teachers and master

                                    gardeners accredited conference. The Continuity of Medicinal Herbs from the

                                    Middles Ages to the Present.


One-Person Exhibitions:

Kern Gallery, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, 1972 and 1973

Portland School of Art, Portland, Maine,  1973

Shoemaker Gallery, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, 1976

Edinboro State College, Edinboro, PA, guest artist and speaker, 1976

Shoemaker Gallery, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, 1989

Hetzel Union Formal Gallery, invited by Ann Shields, director of Hetzel Union

Art Galleries and Special Programs, Pennsylvania State University, 1992

Group Exhibitions:

THE SERIAL IMAGE, National Traveling Show, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, 1969-71

PHOTOGRAPHY INVITATIONAL '71, Stout State University, Menomonie, Wisconsin, 1971

RE-FOCUS, Iowa Memorial Union, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 1972

INVISIONS, PORTFOLIO & EXHIBITION, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA,  1973, 1974, and 1975

YOUNG ARTISTS INVITATIONAL, Union College, Schenectady, New York, 1975

WOMEN LOOK AT WOMEN, National Traveling Show, directed by Jayne Kantor 1975 and 1976

THE BUS SHOW, New York City public buses, photographs on file at Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1975

THE NEW AMERICAN STILL LIFE, Westmoreland County Museum of Art, Greensburg, PA, 1979

TEN, Traveling Exhibit by Women in the Arts, Harrisburg, PA, 1980 and 1981

DREAMS and OTHER ILLUSIONS, Mill Gallery, Guilford Handcrafts Inc., Guilford, CT, Juried Exhibit, Honorable Mention, 1984

PENNSYLVANIA PHOTOGRAPHERS, National Exhibition of artists living or working in Pennsylvania, Allentown Art Museum, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Juror: Carroll T. Hartwell, Curator of Photography, Minneapolis, MN, Purchase Award, 1987

TRIENNIAL, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, a Regional Invitational, Loreto, PA, 1988

PENNSYLVANIA FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS, University Park, PA, National Juried Photography Exhibition, 1974,1976, 1980, 1985, 1986, 1987

SEVEN PHOTOGRAPHERS, Invitational, Zoller Gallery, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, 1987

ALUMNI ARTS EXHIBITION, Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, 1988

SECOND STREET GALLERY, Invited featured artist, Charlottesville, VA, 1990

YOU CALL THAT ART? One West Art Center, Fort Collins, CO, Curator Angela Brayham, 1994

GALLERY AT THE GAMBLE MILL, Bellefonte, PA.  August 16 to October 4, 1997

TRUNK SHOW January, 2000, invited artist, Zoller Gallery, Penn State University. International traveling show. Curated by Ann Shostrom

BOTANICAL SERIES with Gerald Lang, offices of Vice President for Research, Old Main, Penn State University. 2000-Present

BOTANICAL SERIES with Gerald Lang, Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health.1998-Present

APPLE COMPUTER INC., Group Exhibition, Executive Briefing Center Gallery, Cupertino, CA, 2001-Present

INTIMATE FLORAL, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO. with Gerald Lang 2005

SELF-PORTRAIT, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO., 2005

HAPPY VALLEY OPTICAL downtown State College, PA

        Three month long exhibition of the Botanical Collection 2006

PUBLICATIONS:  Photography and Herbal



SELF-PORTRAYAL, published by "Friends of Photography", Carmel, CA, 1979

Fashion Books for Energy Manufacturing Company, Inc., Produced by Lang/Tucker, published from 1968 through 1987

SEEING IN THE PHOTOGRAPHIC IDIOM, by M.B. Levey, Prentice-Hall, 1983

COMMON-GROUND MAGAZINE, published in Mifflin County, PA, 1990

LIGHTING for Film and Electronic Cinematography, by David Viera, Wadsworth Publishing Company, Belmont, CA, 1993

POULTICING WITH PLANTS, by Jennifer A. Tucker, 27 pages, 1994

EVELYN’S WAY: Poulticing with Plants and Colon Care by Jennifer A. Tucker, 48 pages, 1996

BODY AND SOUL Magazine, October 2004

PASSAGES Newsletter of the Pennsylvania Association for

      Sustainable Agriculture. March/April and May/June 2006 articles on medicinal and

                            food uses of wild spring plants


Portraying Plants: The Art of an Herbalist, Author with Gerald Lang,

        submitted for publication 2005 on-going. Photographs and herbal stories.

COLLECTIONS:  Photography

Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA

Edinboro State College, Edinboro, PA

Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine

Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC.

Allentown Art Museum of Lehigh Valley, Allentown, PA

Private Collections